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  1. BulletBranded one-page “scorecard” produced periodically (typically monthly), one for each member of your network.

  2. BulletContent is highly customized based on metrics that are important to your organization.

  3. BulletData can be displayed both graphically and numerically, with color coding and other visual features to produce quick understanding of key performance metrics.

  4. BulletData sources can be quite extensive.  Using our proprietary MITAS™ technology, we can accommodate a variety of data feeds, process them, and produce a single scorecard.

  5. BulletScorecards can include comparisons to territory and national averages.

& Services

A visual way to measure performance of a network of dealerships, outlets, subsidiaries or members as a single page “scorecard” making large amounts of data easily understandable and emphasizing key performance metrics over time.

  1. BulletScorecards can include means for disaggregated data based on demographics or market areas such as metro vs. non-metro outlets, large volume stores vs. smaller volume stores, and so on.

  2. BulletKey performance indicators can include parametric goals to show the degree off of target.

  3. BulletData can be accumulated over time, showing trends and performance history.

  4. BulletScorecards are delivered in convenient PDF format for easy distribution to your network and for centralized analysis of overall performance.

  5. BulletScorecards can be delivered in multiple languages.

  6. BulletWe also provide extensive statistical analysis of your data to uncover key issues.

“What can you say?   A strong performance by all, which resulted in 127.4% of objective (and) best October ever … If we did not sell another (unit) this year, it would be the 3rd best (unit) volume year in brand history!” — C. H., General Manager, Automotive Industry


General Motors (USA)

Volkswagen America

Volkswagen Canada


Decision Support Partners

Are you challenged with a network that isn’t performing in key areas?

Do you have a lot of data, but little useful information?

Do you need to understand trends and regional variations?

Do you need a visually compelling way to emphasize key metrics?

Do you need to communicate performance to your network?

The Performance Tracking Scorecard is for you.


  1. 1.Discovery meeting.  Our team comes on-site and works with you and your key stakeholders to clarify the challenges and related key performance indicators that are challenging your network of distributors, dealerships, authorized resellers, outlets, subsidiaries or members.  This is a consultative meeting; we work to help you focus in on the metrics that are critical for your organization, while constructing initial scorecard design.  The design of your scorecard is highly customized, focusing in on your needs and the needs of your network.

  2. 2.Prototype design meeting.  We take all of the information from the discovery meeting and turn your data needs into a scorecard prototype.  Then, on site with your team, we utilize our Quick Prototype™ technology to refine the scorecard until everyone is satisfied.  With our Quick Prototype™ technology, your team will be able to see its ideas come alive on the screen in real time.  Ideas can be tried, discarded, altered, and refined as needed.  The result is a scorecard prototype that represents the best thinking of your team and our experienced consultants.  If possible, we also begin working with you to identify your data feeds.  In other words, we help you find and gather the raw data that will be collected into the scorecard.  If it is not possible to do the data feed analysis initially, we will return for a third meeting to finalize this critical input.

  3. 3.Final scorecard prototype.  Based on the work done to this point, we will submit a final scorecard prototype to you for your approval and sign off.  The prototype will identify the source of the data for each element of the scorecard, whether a raw data feed, a calculated result, or a graphic image or trend chart derived from a data input.

  4. 4.Specifications document. We will also deliver a specifications document detailing the source data feeds and their layout, the cadence of the data and scorecard processing that will occur, and the format(s) of the output.  We will ask you to sign off on this document as well.

  5. 5.Monthly processing. Each month (or, if desired, on some other frequency), we will receive your data feeds, do a quality assurance check on the reasonability of the data, import that data into our proprietary MIDAS™ system, generate scorecards for your network, perform our extensive quality assurance checks on the output, and deliver those scorecards to you as specified in the Specifications document.

  6. 6.Statistical analysis (optional).  If requested, we can, on a monthly or quarterly basis, look much more deeply into your data, developing a report of trends and themes to help you know where to place particular emphasis.  We also identify data outliers — members of your network that may deserve special attention — and case studies of changes we see over time.  The results of this statistical analysis can be delivered, if desired, on-site to encourage discussion about network challenges.


Basic Services

Customized scorecard based on your data and your needs

Up to 10 data feeds

Up to 20 calculated data results

Up to three color-coded graphics

Up to three trend charts

Up to five benchmark parameters

Up to five month-over-month trend history data elements

Up to 10 territory, regional, national or other grouping averages

Up to 500 individual measured cases (dealerships, distributors, resellers, outlets, subsidiaries, etc.)

Additional Services

Additional data feeds

Additional calculations, graphics, charts, benchmarks, or trend history

Additional groupings

Additional measured cases

Optional Services

Alternate delivery methods

Monthly data export of up to 30 fields

Scorecards in multiple languages

Statistical analysis report of trends and themes

Statistical analysis of outliers, development of case studies

Delivery of statistical analysis on-site


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